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2012.07.07 Sat

Previously, we introduced Saori Kanda’s (Live Painting Artist) performance video.  This time we would like to focus more on her and find out what she has to say about her painting, etc.  Let’s get right to it.

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Q1. What made you start painting?

I have been in love with painting ever since I started living in Baghdad, Iraq during the war when I was 2 years old.  There was no way I could play with Japanese precious toys at those times which most kids in Japan had access to.  So my only way of “playing” was drawing on back of used paper which my father brought back home from work.

It was “music” that triggered me to pursue live painting.

Although I was such a bad student cutting classes, when I was a student at Musashino Art College, I perfomed live painting in venues with my fellow artists and musicians.  It was the early days when I started painting in front of the crowd which was way far from what I expected.  I was so embarrassed after the show but I did not give up.  The collaboration with Asuka Hayashi (Japanese singer) really meant a lot to me.  Her voice really hit me and it kept me driving as a painting artist.

I have experienced many things and met a lot of good people through painting. It was a meaningful 10 years for me as I was lucky enough to work with many talented people and they really helped me open the doors to improve myself. The best moment for me is to share the feel that we are living together.

Q2. Your painting dance performance is subtle, but wild at the same time.  What’s in your mind while you’re live painting?

I try to not think while I paint.  I’d rather be feeling the good atmosphere with every part of my body. When I’m really into it, I even forget about myself and it feels like that it’s not me who’s painting. I’m probably moving drastically but I also feel like I’m in a silent white world at the same time. Sometimes it makes my tears drop while painting, feeling thankful of that moment.

Q3. You have been successful as a live painting artist traveling around the world.  Please tell us about your finished, on-going, or upcoming projects.

I held my personal exhibition in Hong kong from 2011 to early 2012.

(Photo Gallery here.)

I also did a ceiling painting for a mansion in Hakone.

I had this opportunity to design the room interior of a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong which opened in May.

(Photo Gallery here.)

I’m also getting covered by TBS (Japanese TV station) for a TV program which is scheduled to be on air in July. Another personal exhibition will be held in Kazakhstan somewhere in April 2013.  I will also be staying in Manila for awhile next year for another ceiling painting.

Here are some of my previous projects

2009 TOYOTA Lexus RX premiere live session with Gagaku-shi (Japanese traditional musician)  Hideki Togi.
2010 Alfa Romeo [MiTo] promotional video artwork
2010 VIVIENNE TAM premiere performance
2012 Canon EOS 5D Mark III Official movie performance and artwork
2012  Exhibition performance at RED SQUARE GALLERY Hong Kong

For more information, movies, photos, check out her official website.

Q4. What kind of presence and role do you think “art” plays in this world?

Awakening of “feel”.

I take myself as a realistic artist. I have no sense of creating something by myself. My only motivation is to accomplish a project with all the talented people that I’ve met and share the delightful experience with them. It’s much more fun and appreciative when you manage everything from creating, producing to painting since you get to meet and know a lot of people. I get a little hectic sometimes but it’s all good. I love to discuss.  I love my job. My wish is to keep feeling that “I’m alive” as long as possible.

Q5. What advice would you give to young people?  What would it take to go out to the world and accomplish something when It is a challenging time for Japanese people.  Do you keep anything in mind when you work as a live painting artist outside of Japan?

You get to meet a lot of different people while you are living. Don’t take that as granted and try to fully appreciate it even it may turn out bitter. I believe the spirit of “getting people involved” and “helping each other out” is very important. I believe there is more and more people I would like to meet somewhere in the world. The energy to entertain someone right in front of you with your skills is universal. I also recommend learning foreign languages so it would be much easier to communicate with each other. One other thing.  It is very important for me to go out and eat local food with the local people. I always try to remember the words “delicious” and “thank you” in any country I stay.

Q6. Please tell us about the 10th anniversary event on July 15th (Sun).  What does “10th anniversary” mean to you?

It is my 10th anniversary party. Some of my most respected artists and DJs will be performing that night and it will be a fantastic time. I will work on a 10th anniversary painting during the party which will be an integration of everyone who will be there. It will be incredible if all my friends came to the party and they meet up with each other.

Canon EOS 5D mkIII Official Movie [Eye of the Mind]


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