Séan Garnier Talks About What it takes to be a World-Class Freestyle Footballer | Video

2014.11.27 Thu

Red Bull Street Style 2014 was held in Salvador, Brazail and the footage have been released. Former 2008 Champion “Séan Garnier” talks about what is takes to be #1 in street style football.

FreeStyle Football Salvador6 FreeStyle Football Salvador2 FreeStyle Football Salvador3

As an official judge of Red Bull Street Style, he explains how originality is important in his judging process. This game is not about lifting balls along with the music and the ball is just one of the elements. There’s a stage, MC, DJ, and the crowd along with the skills and creativity which all counts in this tournament.

FreeStyle Football Salvador5 FreeStyle Football Salvador8

To be the best of best in any category, you need to be able to do something that no one else can do. In other words, the surroundings doesn’t mean anything but what YOU want to do to be better than anyone else out there and continue doing it. Séan Garnier himself bounced back from a setback as a football player and those words from him is truly inspiring for any of us trying to make something happen.

“To do anything that no one else can do”

That makes the crowd roar.

Freestyle Football Battles in Brazil – Red Bull Street Style 2014

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