Skydiving From Altitude 128,000 ft. | Video

2012.10.21 Sun

Felix Baumgartnder, a Red Bull athlete broke the high-altitude world record at the Red Bull Stratos Mission from an altitude over 128,000 feet – 8000 feet higher than planned.

These are the 3 new world records this project have accomplished.

1. The highest alitutude manned balloon flight from 128,100 feet.

2. The highest altitude skydiving from 119,846 feet.

3. First time ever skydiving exceeding the speed of sound (833 mph= Mach 1.24)

“We have collected an important data that may contribute to medical and science field” Red Bull has commented.

This record breaking jump from the stratosphere is absolutely crazy and gives us creeps. Check out this courageous challenge which gave a big leap to the human history.

Red Bull STRATOS officeial :