Summer Barcelona | Video

2012.10.13 Sat

Over 5 million tourists visit Barcelona every year which exceeds the total population of the city itself but what exactly makes this city so attractive to tourists from around the world?

We find the answers for this question in compact city planning and effective tourists campaigns.

Barcelona is known for the most successful developed city as its urban district, ports, airport, and most of the necessary facilities are all consolidated within a radius of 5km. The main tourists sights which adds up to 44 are easily accessible by shuttle busses and one day passes are priced at 21 euros per day. Tourists can efficiently access to gothic areas, newly developed areas and modernism architectures by listen to the tourist guides in their specific languages on the bus.

The organization behind all these highly graded tourist systems is “Turisme de Barcelona”, which is in charge of all tourist strategies and promotions to gain repeating tourists from all over the world.

Today we would like to introduce this tilt-shift video of Barcelona where you can experience the Mediterranean warm climate with rich nature and culture.

Pau Garcia Latina official :

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