Super Dance Duo “Les Twins” On The Move | Video

2015.01.24 Sat

No need to be explained in the entertainment dance industry but the french dance duo “Les Twins” are still playing hard in the game. Here are 2 recent videos by the brothers.

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Les Twins – Twins N Chains


This video was uploaded from the world’s largest dance network “DanceOn!” YouTube channel.

LesTwins_DanceOn_1 LesTwins_DanceOn_2
Les Twins shed chains and show off their signature style.

Les Twins – Bubba Sparxxx “Heat It Up”


This one was uploaded on the same day but from Les Twins official YouTube channel. The lights led from the background makes a super cool atmosphere where you can hardly see their faces, but you can see their moves in a little different way with the lights and the shadows. The track is Bubba Sparxxx. Strongly recommended.

LesTwins_2015_4 LesTwins_2015_3 LesTwins_2015_1

As I have been checking out recent dance videos, it seems like they have something in common in which they have certain elements that drags viewers in, “backlights” in this case and sometimes dancing in front of a landmark.

I believe both videos are worth checking so please do and share the love to your friends if you like them. Enjoy.

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