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5 Years of Glitchin’ Anniversary “Simplify Recordings” | Music

2014.06.18 Wed

Glitch Hop, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, you name it…they'll have it all. The pioneers of the bass music scene is celebrating their 5 year anniversary with this "Glitch Allstar". Since the emergence of new music era, they have been leading the Bass-Music scene and we have seen a lot of diversification among these genre of music. It is proofing that music is surely evolving and making it's new moves to the new millenials. Here you can listen to the big names to ...

Classy Glitch Hop “Au5 & Fractal – Subvert” | Music

2013.09.19 Thu

Today, we got some classy new glitch hop sound by a these two crazy artists Au5 & Fractal from the US. When it comes to dance music, there are tons of young producers who are even under 20 who are capable of delivering super high quality music in many different genres such as dubstep, house, electro, glitch, hiphop, etc. The music scene is obviously making a big leap forward from my point of view which is a great thing. This track ...