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UK’s Singer Song-writer Lauren Faith Has The Sweetest Voice | MUSIC

2015.02.01 Sun

I want to introduce a female singer that hit me recently. British native "Lauren Faith"  is a good looking and her outstanding voice drags you into her world of music. She is multi-talented and can play pianos, guitars, flutes, percussions, and violins. The first time I got to know her was this song. A very nice and relaxing house track with her sexy voice is just amazing. I love her voice but also like the music, which is very important ...

Is This Future R&B Or The Other Way Around!? | Music

2014.03.16 Sun

Today I want to introduce this song which caught my ears as it sounds very 2000's but in a modern way. The track was well arranged by the UK based producer/DJ, Bok Bok and the shadowy R&B singer's name is Kelela from LA. These two somewhat don't match together if you hear them individually but I like the blend of the 90's, 00's feel they both have in this particular song. Kelela's voice is very smooth and transparent. Bok Bok's beat ...

Breath Taking Soul Singer “Nao Yoshioka” | Music

2013.09.22 Sun

Today I would like to share this little news to you all. Have you heard of the Japanese soul singer "Nao Yoshioka"? This clip is from the Apollo Theater, Amateur Night (Harlem, NY) and she won second place! As most of you may know, Apollo Theater is a very competitive stage and it is simply great to have a Japanese singer on stage and become so close to win it. After the mini tour "The Soul Exchange Tour" which took ...