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Eminem’s Still Got Mad Freestyle Skills, Better Than Ever | Music

2014.11.13 Thu

So the title speaks for itself, but yeah bear with me. The super rapper from Detroit is back with a 7 min freestyle video which was just uploaded a couple of days ago, reaching its count to almost 1 millions views already and it won’t stop. Well, he’s got good news for you. His new album with his fellows will be out later this month, which will be released from his own record label, Shady Records and Interscope and Shadyxv is ...

Dylan Owen Spits Realness | Download

2013.12.30 Mon

The last artist we will introduce this year will "Dylan Owen", a NY based rapper and a real artist. Recalling the year listening to this song is perfect. "The Window Seat" reminds us the feeling we had back in the days. As rap music has become more diverse, it's totally okay to have different ways to enjoy them, but personally, I get more persuaded by strong lyrics. It goes the same for singer as well as stronger lyrics grabs us into ...

Underrated Asian Rapper “CJ Trillo” | Music

2013.09.03 Tue

Now we have come to a point where we can appreciate more and more good music from Asian artists and that's a good thing. There are handful of them if I try to name them all but today I'll just focus on this outstanding Filipino rapper "CJ Trillo aka Sucka Free CJ". To make things short, I recommend you to go straight to his website and listen to his music, as he hands out all 3 albums for free! The thing ...