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The Real Deal “KOHARU SUGAWARA”, The Interview | PEOPLE

2015.02.20 Fri

Hi-Bit Magazine has been following KOHARU SUGAWARA for a while now, one of the greatest Japanese female dancers, choreographers out there and today I would like to share some of the stories and insights of the young prospective dancer. Everything written here is based on her true words.  Let's find out what she is all about. I was lucky enough to join KOHARU’s dance workshop held in En Dance Studio in Shibuya (Tokyo) and we sat down for a cup of coffee ...

A Pair Of BOSE Earphones Turns Xmas Eve A Special One | Video

2014.12.25 Thu

Everyone’s favorite earphone brand “BOSE” have come up with something special in Christmas Eve, a creative dance video that imitates the Japanese salary-man situation over working even in Xmas. The concept is simple. “Challenging how 2 people can dance both wearing the same single earphone”.   The dancers are one of our favorite Japanese dancers “KOHARU SUGAWARA” and “Noppo”, choreographer for Mariah Carey and a member of S★★t kingz. I think this dance video was created in a very dancer’s perspective way and ...

Female Dancer “Rino Nakasone” The Secrets of Success | Video

2014.06.22 Sun

Have you heard of Rino Nakasone, the Japanese female dancer, choreographer , model? She is already very well known in the dance community as she have expanded her dance career in Japan and overseas. So the questions is how did she become so succesful as a dancer and have got recognized by so many people including Janet Jackson? Who is she? "Crazy" is the word that describes her…of course in a good meaning! Her dance skills is off the hook but ...