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Eminem’s Still Got Mad Freestyle Skills, Better Than Ever | Music

2014.11.13 Thu

So the title speaks for itself, but yeah bear with me. The super rapper from Detroit is back with a 7 min freestyle video which was just uploaded a couple of days ago, reaching its count to almost 1 millions views already and it won’t stop. Well, he’s got good news for you. His new album with his fellows will be out later this month, which will be released from his own record label, Shady Records and Interscope and Shadyxv is ...

4 Creative Videos of Mercedes-Benz New C-Class | Video

2014.08.14 Thu

To show that the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class’ excellence, BBDO Singapore has come up with this 4 super creative videos, which all expresses all the great new features equipped on the new C-Class with science based creativity. The messages are unbelievably simple. Every single video surprises the viewers and drags you into the world of Mercedes-Benz and I like the whole idea of it. Take a look for yourself and see if you can figure out how they do it. Mercedes-Benz Experiments: Water Mercedes-Benz ...

“Clone” vs “Human” NIKE’s New CM “Risk Everything” | Video

2014.06.11 Wed

Nike came up with this new animation video right before the World Cup. #RiskEverything is their copy and they have created a story of technology overtaking the world of football. "The Last Game" In 20××, a company called Perfect Inc. invented a game changing clone football team. They are a group of people who does not take risks and just plays for their business. The clones where very accurate and perfect that they eventually kicks the former superstars out of the game. ...

New Redman on Kanye’s Track | Music

2014.05.15 Thu

Good to have him back with a new video. Redman rapping over Kanye West's Livin' a Movie instrumental which is said to be recorded before The College Dropout. Hopefully this video means that Redman‘s Muddy Waters mixtape is coming soon. Feels good to hear real rappers to their thing. Redman - Dunfiato

The History and Future of Everything | Video

2013.12.28 Sat

3 more days to go until the end of 2013 and the time of speed is unbelievably fast. The world is literally speeding up as well and we get overwhelmed by the amount of information we get through our daily lives, which then makes us lose a sense of which time period we live in. This infographic motion graphics video explains the history and future of time in a smart way. We tend to think that internet has been there for ...

The Last Frontier in South East Asia | Places

2013.12.05 Thu

With travel restrictions now easing in the once isolated country of Myanmar (aka Burma), corporates from around the world are moving into this last frontier in South East Asia. The country was ruled by the military regime until the recent democratization movement and as a frontier in South East Asia, there are so many things that have been untouched. Now many multi national enterprises are moving into this land for cheaper resources and they will be more to come in the ...

Street Art Masterpiece In A Australian Warehouse | Video

2013.11.28 Thu

The presence of street art is bigger than ever and more projects are popping up around the world. This advertising campaign "SOFLES - LIMITELSS" by an Australian paint company Ironlak takes place in a empty warehouse, created by videographer Selina Miles and the graffiti artists, Sofles、Fintan Magee, Treas, and Quench and it is impressive. The scale of the project is huge and they use timelapse effectively to capture the big artwork of the project. DJ Butcher's soundtrack is available for free download ...

Honda’s Made the Impossible, Possible | Video

2013.10.21 Mon

Honda's new CR-V 1.6 diesel's commercial film is super interesting. Some of you may know about trick art which uses perceptual illusion which you see as an art form in cities. This commercial film uses this technique and it is so unique that it doesn't feel like watching a typical commercial video which makes you feel you've wasted a minute of your precious time on a crappy video but instead, it makes you excited. This is a good example of a ...

“Beyond Nature” Timelapse of Iceland | Video

2013.10.07 Mon

In 2007, Iceland was the seventh most productive country in the world per capita, and the fifth most productive by GDP at purchasing power parity. About 85 percent of total primary energy supply in Iceland is derived from domestically produced renewable energy sources. 3/4 of it's domestic energy sources are produced from hydroelectric energy and the rest from geothermally-generated electricity. "Beyond Nature" is a timelapse video picturing the beauty and diverse nature that surrounds Iceland. No wonder they have such beautiful nature and clean air as you ...

The Next Level Projection Mapping “BOX” | Video

2013.09.26 Thu

A group that works with 3D with 3D objects and video to experiment with art and live performance - have created a new experiment with live projection on moving objects, named "BOX". Projection mapping is a technology that allows the projection of light – like a video projector at a movie in a theater – to appear on objects in odd spaces. Here they do the same thing on a moving object with a combination of technology of robot, projection, and ...