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The Real Deal “KOHARU SUGAWARA”, The Interview | PEOPLE

2015.02.20 Fri

Hi-Bit Magazine has been following KOHARU SUGAWARA for a while now, one of the greatest Japanese female dancers, choreographers out there and today I would like to share some of the stories and insights of the young prospective dancer. Everything written here is based on her true words.  Let's find out what she is all about. I was lucky enough to join KOHARU’s dance workshop held in En Dance Studio in Shibuya (Tokyo) and we sat down for a cup of coffee ...

All Eyes On The Japanese Dancer “Koharu Sugawara” | Video

2014.11.12 Wed

As women’s rights have become more and more hot as a global topic, the number of independent women have been growing here in Japan as well. The story behind that can be explained in many ways but I simply think that women have been thinking the best for themselves for a long time. Japanese dancer & choreographer “Koharu Sugawara” is a good role model in that case and she have proven to be that way as a performer, and also ...

“Koharu Sugawara” One of The Hottest Female Dancers | Video

2014.03.20 Thu

"I want to keep the pureness of dance which is having fun" says Koharu Sugawara, the Japanese female dancer/choreographer. I think dance is a form of communication and she is extraordinary for expressing her emotions using her whole body. Very simple. Her skills reaches towards music video choreography for Korean female group "2NE1" and she herself was featured on a nike fuel band SE promotional video. One thing I realize among the "greatest" people in any profession is simply "love". Dance ...