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This Is Nike Football In Your Pocket | Technology

2014.08.05 Tue

The World Cup Is Over, Soccer Is Not. Nike Launched a new Football App for iOS and Android named “Nike Football App”. So what’s so special about it? It’s basically a hub of all things of Nike Football. Let’s look briefly look into it. ・Communication tool with your football mates where you can talk football 24/7 ・News Feeds from Nike Football ・Exclusive access to trials It might be a bit hard to find the value in this app especially if you’re not into football ...

Your Perfect Personal Trainer “Nike Training Club” | Technology

2014.01.14 Tue

Some might think that keeping up with fitness gyms are quite difficult time-wise & money-wise. So here's an alternative to do something close to fitness gym but absolutely free at any time. First, the good part of this app is that it is multi-lingual, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Over 100 full body workouts inspired by top Nike athletes and designed by NTC Master Trainers with all the research data integrated, this awesome app will promise you ...

Transform Your Android Phone In One Click | Technology

2013.11.22 Fri

Are you tired of the home screen of your android smartphone?  Themer is an app thats lets you customize your home screen with a few taps, making your phone look sharper and something that makes you feel happier every single time you unlock it.. plus its free! After you download the app on your android phone, you get to choose custom templates already installed as default so you just pick the theme that suites you best. A very good way to ...

“RoadMovies” Short Movie App | Technology

2013.08.24 Sat

Making a short movie right in your hands is way much easier now. Honda has come up with this amazingly simple short movie app for iPhones4/4S/5 which can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for free. This is how you use it. 1) Choose from 3 patterns (1sec x 24 shots/2sec x 12shots/3sec x 8 shots) 2) Shoot as many shots as needed 3) Choose 1 of 9 filters that fits your video 4) Choose a BGM Thats it! You can also upload to Facebook and YouTube ...

“007″ Facebook App “Crack The Case” by Heineken

2012.09.28 Fri

The latest trailer for "Skyfall", a Facebook campaign created by Heineken has been released. Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe will take you on a voyage through snowy mountains. It's a simple interactive game within a promo video, you just have to protect the briefcase from the enemies and try to open it. Try to find the briefcase and open it by clicking on it during the mission. Viewers can connect the video to their Facebook, which pulls in ...

‘AR’ Where It’s Heading | Video

2012.08.08 Wed

Hearing more about 'AR' lately?  It's Augmented Reality.  It's a technology that adds graphics, sounds and other computer-generated  information to the natural world as it exists on your smartphones.   Say you go on a trip to a place you've never been before.  Just use your AR apps and walk down the street and you'll get all the information you need on your handheld smartphone.  You'll be provided not only names of tourist sites and restaurants but, comments made ...

Turn Your Life Into a Musical「Intel – Me The Musical」

2012.08.04 Sat

Ever dreamed of becoming a musical headliner? Well, here's your chance. Link up 'Intel - Me The Musical' and find yourself singing and dancing and walking down your Facebook timeline, from your birth to through to today. It's only a one minute show so, enjoy. 'Intel - Me The Musical' is the second Intel Facebook campaign succeeding 'The Museum of Me' which won the English 'The Favourite Website Award.' It's good as the first one. Intel - Me ...

Make Life A Sport “Nike+ Fuel Band” | Video

2012.07.29 Sun

Nike+ FuelBand from Nike tracks your daily activity through a sport-tested accelerometer. Then translates every move into NikeFuel. This band is still yet to be released in Japan but we believe that there are people who are waiting for this mysterious band on their wrists. Oh, and the London Olympics can keep this hot topic going for a while. Nike+ FuelBand tracks running, walking, dancing, dancing, basketball and dozen of everyday actions. You'll get motivated by checking everyday visualized results which ...

The Most Flexible and Powerful Flight Search App

2012.06.22 Fri

Any plans for summer? As you already know, Skyscanner is a brilliant flight search. Now they have an app for smartphones. Very easy to use and it will find you the best flights for you. Skyscanner enables you to find the cheapest air tickets way faster. They also handle hotels, rent-a-cars, and tour searches. And its FREE!! www.skyscanner.com