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UK’s Singer Song-writer Lauren Faith Has The Sweetest Voice | MUSIC

2015.02.01 Sun

I want to introduce a female singer that hit me recently. British native "Lauren Faith"  is a good looking and her outstanding voice drags you into her world of music. She is multi-talented and can play pianos, guitars, flutes, percussions, and violins. The first time I got to know her was this song. A very nice and relaxing house track with her sexy voice is just amazing. I love her voice but also like the music, which is very important ...

“Autographer”  the world’s first intelligent camera

2012.10.17 Wed

Ever wished to take photos hands free?  Well, this wearable camera from British company OMG/Life will and also completely revolutionize your log life.  Available from November 2012 and can be in the future be purchased in USA as well as Japan. Autographer takes perfect photos continuously by capturing the world through its unique eye-view lens.  What's more, this world leading technology will allow you to see your activities you have missed. Autographer officeial : http://www.autographer.com/#home