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4 Creative Videos of Mercedes-Benz New C-Class | Video

2014.08.14 Thu

To show that the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class’ excellence, BBDO Singapore has come up with this 4 super creative videos, which all expresses all the great new features equipped on the new C-Class with science based creativity. The messages are unbelievably simple. Every single video surprises the viewers and drags you into the world of Mercedes-Benz and I like the whole idea of it. Take a look for yourself and see if you can figure out how they do it. Mercedes-Benz Experiments: Water Mercedes-Benz ...

1/3 Of US Citizens Watch Super Bowl | Video

2014.01.31 Fri

We are approaching the biggest sport event of the year in the US. "NFL SUPER BOWL XLVIII" will kick off on 2/2 18:00 ET where Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will fight for the championship. This sport event is one of the most watched sports TV program out there and Forbes saids 1/3 of US citizens watched the game in 2013. US commercials tend to be more funnier than Japan and I personally think it's much healthier in a way. Last ...

Honda’s Made the Impossible, Possible | Video

2013.10.21 Mon

Honda's new CR-V 1.6 diesel's commercial film is super interesting. Some of you may know about trick art which uses perceptual illusion which you see as an art form in cities. This commercial film uses this technique and it is so unique that it doesn't feel like watching a typical commercial video which makes you feel you've wasted a minute of your precious time on a crappy video but instead, it makes you excited. This is a good example of a ...

Old Spice Muscle Music | Video

2012.09.11 Tue

American men's deodorant, Old Spice is displaying a special interactive site.   You see a tough muscle man connected to numerous cords and that scene alone is impressive enough, but what follows after that is awesome.  Reset key becomes a record key.  Touch the key board and you'll be playing your own music.  You can save that and if you have Vimeo account you can release it.  How about that? Old Spice Offical : http://oldspice.com/en-US/