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Dylan Owen Spits Realness | Download

2013.12.30 Mon

The last artist we will introduce this year will "Dylan Owen", a NY based rapper and a real artist. Recalling the year listening to this song is perfect. "The Window Seat" reminds us the feeling we had back in the days. As rap music has become more diverse, it's totally okay to have different ways to enjoy them, but personally, I get more persuaded by strong lyrics. It goes the same for singer as well as stronger lyrics grabs us into ...

Underrated Asian Rapper “CJ Trillo” | Music

2013.09.03 Tue

Now we have come to a point where we can appreciate more and more good music from Asian artists and that's a good thing. There are handful of them if I try to name them all but today I'll just focus on this outstanding Filipino rapper "CJ Trillo aka Sucka Free CJ". To make things short, I recommend you to go straight to his website and listen to his music, as he hands out all 3 albums for free! The thing ...

Asher Roth Back To Basics | Download

2013.09.01 Sun

Some of the rappers out there are not comfortable about the atmosphere surrounding the modern Hip-Hop music scene so they are trying to express their music in their own ways "getting back to the basics". Asher Roth was one of the rare artists who has not much exposed himself to the trends and now he has come up with a very raw stuff, a new mixtape "The Greenhouse Effect Vol.2" which is available for free download. Strongly recommended for good ...

Must listen “Matan Caspi” | Download

2012.10.19 Fri

We would probably say "Matan Caspi" is one of the best rising DJ/Producers out there in the electronic music scene. Definitely a breakthrough in 2010 and more and more releases topping the charts, you can see how fast he has become one of the top DJ/Producers in the game if you see the list: Little Mountain, Pacha, Global Underground, Baroque, Spinnin' Records, Harem, Enorumous, Tunes, Armada, Unreleased Digital, Ultra, Audio Damage, Haiti Groove, Afterglow, and many more to come. His ...

KOAN Sound teams up with Foreign Beggars | Download

2012.09.15 Sat

The word Dubstep is too vague to explain KOAN Sound's music. Signed by OWSLA label, KOAN Sound is usually known as a Dubstep producing duo formed by Will Leeks and Jim Bastow, from Bristol, UK. The duo's initial influences were acoustic bands like Incubus and Rage Against The Machine so maybe it was natural for them to produce such a wide range of music. This time KOAN Sound teams up with "Foreign Beggars", a British Hip-Hop, Grime and Dubstep ...

SEVEN LIONS’ Secret Weapon | Download

2012.08.30 Thu

We've been a big fan of "SEVEN LIONS" for sometime and our magazine will keep on focusing on their fresh music (previous article on SEVEN LIONS here). This fairly new EP is worth listening to but did you know that they have been giving out this killer track for FREE? I can not believe myself that this track is downloadable for free because it is such a good dubstep track and I love how they make it sound like a ...

GRiZ crossing boundaries of music | Music

2012.07.25 Wed

Here's a new track by GRiZ which is a mixture of funk, jazz, electro, yet it is so smooth you want to hear it on repeat. Although GRiZ is still fairly new to the game, his sounds are well produced and I like the way how it sounds new and old at the same time. Take a good listen to it and drop feel free to drop some comments about his music. Enjoy! GRiZ Official Website:http://www.grizmusic.com/ GRiZ soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/griz/

Third Greatest Rapper of All-time

2012.05.09 Wed

It's been 15 years ever since the Notorious B.I.G. died on March 9, 1997. Consistent media coverage of this hip-hop icon makes fans wonder if those years have really gone by. MTV ranked Biggie as the third greatest rapper of all-time. For the record, Jay-Z was ranked 1st followed by Tupac in 2nd place. In recent several years many great artists have left us; Whitney Houston, Nate Dogg, Amy Winehouse, Heavy D, DJ Mehdi, Loleatta Holloway, Keith ...