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5 Years of Glitchin’ Anniversary “Simplify Recordings” | Music

2014.06.18 Wed

Glitch Hop, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, you name it…they'll have it all. The pioneers of the bass music scene is celebrating their 5 year anniversary with this "Glitch Allstar". Since the emergence of new music era, they have been leading the Bass-Music scene and we have seen a lot of diversification among these genre of music. It is proofing that music is surely evolving and making it's new moves to the new millenials. Here you can listen to the big names to ...

Seven Lions Tour Video | Video

2013.10.23 Wed

We have been supporting the electro music act "Seven Lions" for some time and today we would like to introduce his official tour video. We don't see much videos on so this would probably a rare one for sure. Also this new track "Seven Lions with Myon and Shane 54 - Strangers (feat. Tove Lo) is something you would want to listen to if you are a Seven Lions fan as he teams up with the trance duo Myon and ...

Fresh Organic Electro Beats | Download

2013.08.12 Mon

Already well known but fairly new to the game is this beatmaker from Denver Colorado "Pretty Lights". He plays in big festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and has collaborated with Talib Kweli on his recent song. So what is it so special about him? Before we get into that, briefly, his sound is a mixture of sampled hiphop beats with sometimes glitch and electro so it's a basically a mixture of "Now". Okay that was easy, right? Well when Glitch-Hop ...

Seven Lions – She Was Feat. Birds of Paradise | Download

2012.10.15 Mon

I guess no one can stop this man.  Seven Lions has come up with a brand new EP, waited to be released on Oct. 16th (tomorrow!!) from Skrillex's OWSLA label.  This new track is included in his upcoming EP which features "Birds of Paradise" on it.  It's been only few days since this track was released to public but we do not know until when this song will be available as a free download so don't wait for it!  So ...

Seven Lions Comes Back Again… | Music

2012.09.26 Wed

It hasn't been awhile since we've introduced Seven Lions' track back in our post but he has done it again. Just about every remix he has released gained a tremendous amount of attention. Seven Lion’s emphasizes the luscious vocals of the original with his signature liquid bass and euphoric synths, elevating this trance anthem to an entirely new level. We hope to hear more of these tunes in the future. Enjoy the emotional, yet hard hitting track by Seven Lions. Soundcloud: ...

KOAN Sound teams up with Foreign Beggars | Download

2012.09.15 Sat

The word Dubstep is too vague to explain KOAN Sound's music. Signed by OWSLA label, KOAN Sound is usually known as a Dubstep producing duo formed by Will Leeks and Jim Bastow, from Bristol, UK. The duo's initial influences were acoustic bands like Incubus and Rage Against The Machine so maybe it was natural for them to produce such a wide range of music. This time KOAN Sound teams up with "Foreign Beggars", a British Hip-Hop, Grime and Dubstep ...

SEVEN LIONS’ Secret Weapon | Download

2012.08.30 Thu

We've been a big fan of "SEVEN LIONS" for sometime and our magazine will keep on focusing on their fresh music (previous article on SEVEN LIONS here). This fairly new EP is worth listening to but did you know that they have been giving out this killer track for FREE? I can not believe myself that this track is downloadable for free because it is such a good dubstep track and I love how they make it sound like a ...

Dubstep Synced Short Animation | Video

2012.07.15 Sun

Have you heard of Jason Giles, a 3D artist based in Colorado?  His works are incredible.  Let's take a look at it. This short animation video is basically an audio synced video which movements of the 4 robots are reacted to the music as flashes and lightings.  The making video is available at Fluxel Media's website so peep it if you're interested. This video is simply a one camera view footage but this 3D animation is very high quality  and its fun ...

Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (Seven Lions Remix)

2012.06.10 Sun

Zoe Johnston's touching voice and the sound of glitchy dubstep is captivating! Above & Beyond, one of the UK's leading uplifting vocal trance producers released "You Got To Go" last year. They also held a remix contest of the track and the grand-prize winner, Seven Lions won a release on the label as well as rack up over $1,200 in prizes. Seven Lions, Jeff Montalvo from California, USA was a metal and punk band member, a solo industrial ...

M.I.A.- Bad Girls (StereoHeroes ‘BattleSheep’ Edit)

2012.06.04 Mon

M.I.A.-Bad Girls" blends well with the oriental scene.  But now you can Free DL this latest track edited by StereoHeroes in their addictive sound, "Dirty and Hard."  This duo sound creative producers from France, StereoHeroes mainly release their music from Electro House and from big labels such as DIM MAK. Their dubsteps are rare, so tune in now and enjoy.