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Fresh Organic Electro Beats | Download

2013.08.12 Mon

Already well known but fairly new to the game is this beatmaker from Denver Colorado "Pretty Lights". He plays in big festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and has collaborated with Talib Kweli on his recent song. So what is it so special about him? Before we get into that, briefly, his sound is a mixture of sampled hiphop beats with sometimes glitch and electro so it's a basically a mixture of "Now". Okay that was easy, right? Well when Glitch-Hop ...

Seven Lions – She Was Feat. Birds of Paradise | Download

2012.10.15 Mon

I guess no one can stop this man.  Seven Lions has come up with a brand new EP, waited to be released on Oct. 16th (tomorrow!!) from Skrillex's OWSLA label.  This new track is included in his upcoming EP which features "Birds of Paradise" on it.  It's been only few days since this track was released to public but we do not know until when this song will be available as a free download so don't wait for it!  So ...

KOAN Sound teams up with Foreign Beggars | Download

2012.09.15 Sat

The word Dubstep is too vague to explain KOAN Sound's music. Signed by OWSLA label, KOAN Sound is usually known as a Dubstep producing duo formed by Will Leeks and Jim Bastow, from Bristol, UK. The duo's initial influences were acoustic bands like Incubus and Rage Against The Machine so maybe it was natural for them to produce such a wide range of music. This time KOAN Sound teams up with "Foreign Beggars", a British Hip-Hop, Grime and Dubstep ...

4 Time DMC World Champion “C2C | Video

2012.09.05 Wed

C2C might not yet be a household name for the electro/urban music enthusiast but the three letter-lettername is nonetheless legendary in the world of "turntablists". They have won the DMC World Champions 4 times in a row (2003-2006) and 1 time ITF World Champion (2005). The four members C2C met in high school and ever since they have developed their own unique performing style. DJ Greem and DJ 20Syl founded Hocus Pocus and released a gold certified album on Motown. Atom ...

GRiZ crossing boundaries of music | Music

2012.07.25 Wed

Here's a new track by GRiZ which is a mixture of funk, jazz, electro, yet it is so smooth you want to hear it on repeat. Although GRiZ is still fairly new to the game, his sounds are well produced and I like the way how it sounds new and old at the same time. Take a good listen to it and drop feel free to drop some comments about his music. Enjoy! GRiZ Official Website:http://www.grizmusic.com/ GRiZ soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/griz/