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New Redman on Kanye’s Track | Music

2014.05.15 Thu

Good to have him back with a new video. Redman rapping over Kanye West's Livin' a Movie instrumental which is said to be recorded before The College Dropout. Hopefully this video means that Redman‘s Muddy Waters mixtape is coming soon. Feels good to hear real rappers to their thing. Redman - Dunfiato

Asher Roth Back To Basics | Download

2013.09.01 Sun

Some of the rappers out there are not comfortable about the atmosphere surrounding the modern Hip-Hop music scene so they are trying to express their music in their own ways "getting back to the basics". Asher Roth was one of the rare artists who has not much exposed himself to the trends and now he has come up with a very raw stuff, a new mixtape "The Greenhouse Effect Vol.2" which is available for free download. Strongly recommended for good ...

Represent The Stripes Mixtape by Mick Boogie | Download

2012.08.06 Mon

The London Olympics 2012 is approaching to the final stage but here's an opening track for the mix tape by Mick Boogie, known for is "Summertime" series mixtapes. OnCue, a rapper from the US east coast starts off this mixtape inspired by the Adidas Originals "All Original Campaign". Mick Boogie teamed up with HYPETRAK this time for this project and it is downloadable from here but first listen to this dope track and tell us what you think. [Source: HYPETRAK] Cuey ...

A must have mixtape “Summertime 3″

2012.06.14 Thu

So who's ready for summer? An annual easy going mixtape "Summertime 3" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie is out for the third year straight. This is a head start for all you summer lovers and it will definitely give you an easy lift before summertime. Anyone can enjoy this since it's a free mixture for anyone. Don't miss it! Tracklist: Will Smith “Summertime Intro” Nina Simone “Sinnerman” Notorious BIG “Notorious Thugs” Bone Thugs N Harmony “1st Of The Month” Beach ...

illadelphmatic – The Roots × NaS | mixtape

2012.05.20 Sun

When you listen to DJ Mick Boogies' mixtape, they reminds us of the "good old days". The NYC based DJ has rocked the crowds in major cities around the globe. One of his previous works with DJ Jazzy Jeff "summertime 2" was a perfect mix you would want under the sun with some beer. Today we would like to introduce a dope mix by him. This collaboration piece between "The Roots" and "NaS" features unreleased songs, remixes, and rarities. The Philadelphia's legendary hip-hop ...

Third Greatest Rapper of All-time

2012.05.09 Wed

It's been 15 years ever since the Notorious B.I.G. died on March 9, 1997. Consistent media coverage of this hip-hop icon makes fans wonder if those years have really gone by. MTV ranked Biggie as the third greatest rapper of all-time. For the record, Jay-Z was ranked 1st followed by Tupac in 2nd place. In recent several years many great artists have left us; Whitney Houston, Nate Dogg, Amy Winehouse, Heavy D, DJ Mehdi, Loleatta Holloway, Keith ...