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Yosi Horikawa Can Create Music From Sound | Music

2014.11.06 Thu

Being original is pretty much what everyone faces at some point of their lives. If you’re a music producer, you will most likely be thinking how you can layer the sounds and make it original and feel good. The one and only Yosi Horikawa is the guy from Japan who knows which sound makes us feel good. He might not be really famous in Japan, but he has been to places around the world, performing at Boiler Room, Sonar, etc. His style ...

Chicago Native Musicians Stands Up For Cancer | Download

2014.09.01 Mon

They say 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. SU2C (Stand Up To Cancer), an organisation who is trying to improve these odds by investing in future collaborative cancer research has some thoughtful company. The Chicago native rapper/musician/entrepreneur have stood up to join the movement with a strong song “REMISSION”, joined by a Jennifer Hudson and Common, both also from Chi-Town. The song has been produced by Soundz and Duke ...

The Music Of Tomorrow “SOULECTION” | Music

2014.08.18 Mon

It just hit me. That simple. The phrase “music of tomorrow” is the exact sentence that describes this new label established by 2 music lovers Joe Kay and Andre Power, based in LA. Every selected artist and music are carefully crafted and there’s this laid-back feel of the westcoast. future hiphop you may call but I say it’s more than that. This whole movement “Soulection” has already become quite big in the niche underground scene. Expanding to many areas around the ...

Amazing Street Musicians Jamming | Video

2014.05.28 Wed

Street musicians are real people and they just want to share their music to the public.  That's what they're doing.  Some people might feel irritated by their music just because it's a bit loud, etc., but you'll probably rethink what you have been feeling after you watch this video.  "The power of music". You see music is sort of like dance which tend to have no language barriers.  We don't see much successful Japanese artists or musicians overseas yet but foreign ...

Dylan Owen Spits Realness | Download

2013.12.30 Mon

The last artist we will introduce this year will "Dylan Owen", a NY based rapper and a real artist. Recalling the year listening to this song is perfect. "The Window Seat" reminds us the feeling we had back in the days. As rap music has become more diverse, it's totally okay to have different ways to enjoy them, but personally, I get more persuaded by strong lyrics. It goes the same for singer as well as stronger lyrics grabs us into ...

1 Hour Glitchin’ Of “Cryptex” | Music

2013.11.18 Mon

Here's an hour mix of the extraordinaire glitch hop producer "Cryptex" I want to recommend to all you glitch hop fans. It's just amazing that he can produce such music even he's still around 20 years old or so. His sounds are well organized but fresh and original which makes him even special. His glitchy speaker breaking sounds makes you feel like dancing. Those of you who aren't familiar with glitch hop, take a minute to read this. Tracklist: - 1.Concerto - 2.Error - 3.The ...

Mashup Tokyo by Kutiman from Israel | Video

2013.11.09 Sat

Kutiman is a Israel born audio visual artist who is well known for his unique works as he mashups youtube videos from around the world with his own shot videos and creates a completely new inspirational piece of artwork. He has been featured on numerous magazines, newspapers, blogs from around the world and he was selected as "Best 50 Inventions in 2009" by TIME magazine. This unique project "Thru City" is created with local musicians where Kutiman visits as he shoots videos ...

Virgin America Goes Hollywood Style #VXsafetydance | Video

2013.11.04 Mon

Virgin America remixes the safety video, taking its pre-flight safety education to new heights with first ever domestic safety video set entirely to music and performed in dance. To be honest, most of us do not pay attention to safety instruction when you get on planes (I know you don't!) but Virgin America has proofed that if you make boring topics super fun, people will pay attention. This Virgin America Safety Video #VXsafetydance has already reached 4 million YouTube views only ...

The DMC legends teams up | Video

2013.08.06 Tue

Adidas launched this new campaign for their "Unite All Originals" with hiphop legend "RUN DMC" and world's extraordinaire turntablist "A-Trak" and came up with this fresh music video and a new track. This interactive campaign can be viewed on adidas' "Unite All Originals" website and you can play the enjoy this music video while interacting with it. The music video itself is super dope so check it out. http://www.adidas.com/jp/apps/unite/ Behind the scenes right here.

A Place To Relax

2012.10.29 Mon

Don't you get too exhausted living in a crowded city?  Here's an easy way to isolate yourself from the noise out there and relax.  Calm.com is a simple website that provides you a moment of relaxation by a couple of clicks.  You set the place, music, time and narration and you're off to the nature.  The landscapes shown in the video gives us a healing experience.  Give yourself a try. If you think about it, there's a lot of ways you ...