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A.K.O. – Source Code (Dualitik Remix) | Music

2012.10.11 Thu

As we dig further into the new Techno music scene, we bumped into "Dualitik", a Techno Duo based in Barcelona, Spain. Although Diego Varea and Mac Deey are still fairly new to the game, they have releases out from 1605, Sabotage to name a few. This killer track is a remix of "A.K.O - Source Code" by Dualitik, highly recommended for ones who like aggressive stuff. Enjoy.

“Turntable Rider” For All Music & Bicycle Lovers | Video

2012.08.20 Mon

Bicycle sharing service "COGOO" came up with this brilliant idea "Turntable Rider" to spread the joy of bicycles. The bicycle serves as a turntable where you can play around with scratches like DJ's. Music starts playing when the wheels starts spinning, brakes and handles are triggers for assigned sounds like ordinary samplers. In this video, a BMX pro rider is using "Turntable Rider" and it makes them possible to trigger sounds by doing tricks on their bikes. It synchronizes ...

Ultra Music Festival 2012 | Party Report

2012.05.08 Tue

Chanting "Ultra" as they line up along Downtown Miami, the young people are attending the world's largest festival UMF (Ultra Music Festival). The tickets, costing over $300 each, were sold out over 2 months ago, and the high demand for them led to them being resold at premium prices. 165,000 people attended the festival this year. The organizers Ultra is the largest recording label for dance music, releasing music and producing hits by famous artistes such as Tiesto. 2 massive stages ...

The Art of Rap Official 2012 Trailer

2012.05.06 Sun

"What's HIPHOP?" A movie is coming that can answer the question. It seems to me that less people are enjoying listening to HIPHOP music. The reason? One is that in these several years, HIPHOP has joined the league of popular music and became regular on hit charts. As music reflects society, it evidently shows variations and musical growth as time changes. But, here, I believe that by appreciating the initial HIPHOP music, you can branch out your preference in listening to music and ...

FRESH2DEATH – I am F2D (Grassroots California Mixtape01)

2012.05.02 Wed

FRESH2DEATH, a DJ live unit composed by Djs Greg Fisk and Ben Samples. They use two laptops and MPC to play Dubstep, Glitch Hop, and HipHop. The pioneer of the Denver Bass Squad was formed in January 2009 and started their activities. The hard-beat mixtape by FRESH2DEATH, uploaded on their soundcloud is blended with some of the familiar 90's HipHop raps and it will be a good start off for those of you who are still new to this kind of music. FRESH2DEATH ...

Glitch Hop

2012.05.01 Tue

Music in the world is evolving everyday. Among those, a dance music genre called Glitch Hop is drawing attractions. Its distinction is that it's basing dance music inheriting electro and hip hop. Some has rap or beats that are similar to hip hop. In the unstable current world, we hear a lot of crazy electronic sounds which can be seen in Dubstep from UK. This may be demonstrating the fact that time and music are closely related. Some of you might have ...