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UK Apparel Brand ASOS Launches Interactive Music Video | Video

2014.11.08 Sat

I like ASOS is doing again with the videos. One of the pioneers in the fashion industry to utilise video marketing has come up with something exciting here. The UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer with over 60,000 and own label products across womenswear and menswear is doing pretty good to stand out from the rest of the competitors, as online fashion retailing is getting more and more hot these days. Interactive is the key now and they have ...

8 minutes illusion “Dream Music: Part 2″ | Video

2012.10.09 Tue

What was thought impossible was made possible by a new production technique, 'lyric-lapsing'.  After 6 months of hours of hard work, Marc Donahue & Sean Michael Williams succeeded in creating a new film genre, telling a story through art and music. Check this incredibly amazing film.  It's overall message is ' Time is the illusion within the dream of life.'

Room Runner x Projection Mapping “Willow – Sweater” | Video

2012.09.22 Sat

Check this amazing music video, "Sweater" released by Belgium rock band, Willow.  You can enjoy walking down streets, riding a train and a sail boat and even spending a fun time in the sea and more activities.   It's just awesome that everything was shot in a studio with 3 beamers projecting on a floor and  two walls.  Be sure to watch the video till the very end where you'll no doubt get satisfaction. Willow official : http://www.thisiswillow.be/band/

Dubstep Synced Short Animation | Video

2012.07.15 Sun

Have you heard of Jason Giles, a 3D artist based in Colorado?  His works are incredible.  Let's take a look at it. This short animation video is basically an audio synced video which movements of the 4 robots are reacted to the music as flashes and lightings.  The making video is available at Fluxel Media's website so peep it if you're interested. This video is simply a one camera view footage but this 3D animation is very high quality  and its fun ...

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Look Around” Interactive MV | Video

2012.05.30 Wed

Have you ever thought of controlling a music video? Here's an interactive music video of "Look Around" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You're the director. You control the camera. Look closely for the hidden photos and videos. You can always click "Show Hints" if you want to cheat! Click, drag and play around with it and you'll see how exciting this could be. The music is of course good, it's Red Hot! Red Hot Chili Peppers Official Website: http://redhotchilipeppers.com/