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JAY-Z’s ’96 Demo Ranked On “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” | Music

2015.01.24 Sat

The golden age of HipHop, the 90’s. HipHop was far more raw at that time and it still is in some parts but one thing we can all tell is that HipHop has changed a lot since then. Here I found a very rare demo "Reasonable Doubt" which was released back in 1996 by Hova aka JAY-Z, a HipHop artist active from way back and a successful business man. Of course the quality of the mp3 is not so good as we ...

Third Greatest Rapper of All-time

2012.05.09 Wed

It's been 15 years ever since the Notorious B.I.G. died on March 9, 1997. Consistent media coverage of this hip-hop icon makes fans wonder if those years have really gone by. MTV ranked Biggie as the third greatest rapper of all-time. For the record, Jay-Z was ranked 1st followed by Tupac in 2nd place. In recent several years many great artists have left us; Whitney Houston, Nate Dogg, Amy Winehouse, Heavy D, DJ Mehdi, Loleatta Holloway, Keith ...