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Mike Miller | Photographer

2012.06.03 Sun

Michael Miller, was born in 1964 in Los Angeles and grew up visually inspired by a mixture of the film industry, skate and surf scene. In Europe he began shooting some of the models he met through assisting.  While enjoying the creative opportunities and success he received early on, he decided to move back to Los Angeles where the music industry was thriving. Mike had a steady clientele of musicians from the legendary jazz musician Stan Getz to rap star ...

Hedi Slimane’s New Challenge

2012.05.13 Sun

Hedi Slimane, the most influential menswear designer has returned to the fashion scene. He became chief designer for Dior Homme in 2000. With rock culture in mind, Hedi Slimane produced minimalist designs, tight short jackets teamed with very skinny trousers. His pieces appealed to and was embraced by universal youthful men. Hedi Slimane left Dior when he was at the top of the game and focused on photography. He was involved in various projects , including magazines and advertisement. After five ...

Shu Akashi #01 | Photographer

2012.05.07 Mon

Photographer Shu Akashi is known for his sophisticated and highly refined style. His style using computer technology has been highly acknowledged computer technology skills in the US, Europe and Asia. He was born in Kumamoto prefecture in 1965 an currently resides in New York. In 10 years, he has worked globally through his works in life style photography. His works can even be seen in the one of the world's leading publisher, Vogue. website: www.shuakashi.com