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The Magical Projected Garden “The Ark” by AntiVJ | Technology

2014.08.16 Sat

Projection Mapping has become fairly common in Japan and it is one of the modern ways of communication. As it has become so common nowadays, it is the matter of “what” you do with it and AntiVJ has come up with something very unique. On the invitation of Proyecta Oaxaca, several artists from the Antivj visual label have devised four visual and sonic works to be installed at the heart of the Ethnobotanical Garden in Oaxaca. This audio-visual installation was named ...

The Next Level Projection Mapping “BOX” | Video

2013.09.26 Thu

A group that works with 3D with 3D objects and video to experiment with art and live performance - have created a new experiment with live projection on moving objects, named "BOX". Projection mapping is a technology that allows the projection of light – like a video projector at a movie in a theater – to appear on objects in odd spaces. Here they do the same thing on a moving object with a combination of technology of robot, projection, and ...

Room Runner x Projection Mapping “Willow – Sweater” | Video

2012.09.22 Sat

Check this amazing music video, "Sweater" released by Belgium rock band, Willow.  You can enjoy walking down streets, riding a train and a sail boat and even spending a fun time in the sea and more activities.   It's just awesome that everything was shot in a studio with 3 beamers projecting on a floor and  two walls.  Be sure to watch the video till the very end where you'll no doubt get satisfaction. Willow official : http://www.thisiswillow.be/band/

Projection Mapping “NIKE BUILDING TWIST” | Video

2012.05.17 Thu

Did you check out this one night event "YASEI NIGHT", by NIKE on April 20th at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse? This installment was held as a promotion of "NIKE FREE", a flexible sneaker by NIKE. Nike Building Twist is an interactive projection mapping experience controlled by a shoe that’s been wired up with a bunch of pressure sensors and plugged into an Arduino board, allowing users to literally twist a building like you can with the shoe. ...