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Everything’s Gonna Be Alright | Quote

2013.11.10 Sun

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with something that has gone wrong (at least that's what you think) and makes you feel upset.  This quote is what I really want everyone to remember whenver you're in that kind of situation and I will promise that it will change your life positively.  If you like this, please share it with your friends or pin it and spread the word.   Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Don’t Stop | Quote

2013.08.04 Sun

Today I'm going to talk about something a little philosophical. I'm sure that everyone has at least one or two thoughts in their selves like "I wanna be like this or that" or "I wanna be able to do that". For example, "I wanna sing and dance like Michael Jackson" could be a typical ideal and we can also put it as a "dream". Nothing to be explained in detail but if you wanted to achieve something ...

Brené Brown’s striking words | Quote

2012.08.12 Sun

Last time we introduced this TED presentation by Brené Brown who did a great job on grabbing people's attention on and off the stage.  Here's a striking quote by Brené Brown and we thought it would be nice to share it with you.  Feel free to share it as you like. "Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity & change" - Brené Brown Brené Brown Official Website: http://www.brenebrown.com/