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Still D.R.E Ace Quadz Remix | Download

2013.09.09 Mon

Introducing Hi-Bit Magazine Presents series with a special remix of the legendary track from LA. The original track Still D.R.E. feat. Snoop Dogg was produced by Dr. Dre and was released back in 1999. LA is the place where all the good music is produced and this one is no exception. Please share and support if you like the music! Still D.R.E. feat. Snoop Dogg (Ace Quadz West Coast Remix) Go ahead and check the previous mashup "">N.O.R.E vs Cryptex - Superthug & ...

Ellie Goulding – Burn (At Dawn We Rage Remix) | Music

2013.08.18 Sun

Everytime I listen to her voice, she reminds me of bjork, an unforgettable gifted voice. The singer-songwriter from the UK, Ellie Goulding, who has made an remarkable debut after the release of her first single "Lights" the smash hit that sold over 850,000 copies. As she has successfully proofed that she is the real pop diva, the royal family too could not ignore her. Ellie Goulding had performed at the wedding reception of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace. The ...

C2C – “Down The Road” (HIFANA SEQUENCE REMIX) | Download

2012.10.23 Tue

Today we would like to introduce this sick remix by Japanese beat master duo "HIFANA".  The original track is by C2C, the french turntable group which we have picked up in the past a couple of times and the track features the same mix of blues attitude with the extra breakbeat appeal that makes the track more danceable. Here you can see HIFANA performing the remix on their drum machines.  This is nothing but music…awesome! Buy the album 'TETRA' or EP here ...

Kill The Noise – Perfect Combination (Codes Remix) | Music

2012.10.07 Sun

If you were into the "Golden Ages" of Hip-Hop and House music, NYC based DJ/turntablist/producer "CODES" is the way to go. This productions doesn't sound like other producers in the current house music scene but something more familiar if you were listening house music back in the days. His years of experience as a DJ/producer will guarantee you a precious time on the floor. Definitely worth the listen. The original track "Kill The Noise - Perfect Combination" was ...

Seven Lions Comes Back Again… | Music

2012.09.26 Wed

It hasn't been awhile since we've introduced Seven Lions' track back in our post but he has done it again. Just about every remix he has released gained a tremendous amount of attention. Seven Lion’s emphasizes the luscious vocals of the original with his signature liquid bass and euphoric synths, elevating this trance anthem to an entirely new level. We hope to hear more of these tunes in the future. Enjoy the emotional, yet hard hitting track by Seven Lions. Soundcloud: ...

Machinedrum Feat. MeLo-X – Let It (edIT Remix) | Music

2012.07.17 Tue

Here's a remix of Machinedrum Feat. MeLo-X "Let It " by ediT (The Glitch Mob) who did a great good job on filling out the track and making it even bigger. Don't forget to check out the original track included in Let It EP released from Innovative Leisure. Machinedrum MeLo-X ediT Machinedrum feat. Melo-X - Let It (edIT Remix) iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/let-it-ep/id392652532 Stones Throw: http://www.stonesthrow.com/store/12-inch/machinedrum/let-it-1 Machinedrum Official Webstie: http://machinedrum.net/ Melo-X Official Website: meloxtra.com/ zp8497586rq

The Weeknd – D.D. (Samples Remix) | Music

2012.06.25 Mon

25.06.2009 3 years have past since Michael Jackson past away. "King of Pop" will definitely live along within us. This remix is one of the classic hits of Michael Jackson remixed by Ben Samples, a glitch hop producers we've already introduced in the past. The fun part of music is when sound changes along with time and it eventually evolves into a completely different song, just like a creature. how to buy glasses online zp8497586rq

Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (Seven Lions Remix)

2012.06.10 Sun

Zoe Johnston's touching voice and the sound of glitchy dubstep is captivating! Above & Beyond, one of the UK's leading uplifting vocal trance producers released "You Got To Go" last year. They also held a remix contest of the track and the grand-prize winner, Seven Lions won a release on the label as well as rack up over $1,200 in prizes. Seven Lions, Jeff Montalvo from California, USA was a metal and punk band member, a solo industrial ...

M.I.A.- Bad Girls (StereoHeroes ‘BattleSheep’ Edit)

2012.06.04 Mon

M.I.A.-Bad Girls" blends well with the oriental scene.  But now you can Free DL this latest track edited by StereoHeroes in their addictive sound, "Dirty and Hard."  This duo sound creative producers from France, StereoHeroes mainly release their music from Electro House and from big labels such as DIM MAK. Their dubsteps are rare, so tune in now and enjoy.

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name (Ben Samples remix)

2012.05.25 Fri

A Rock band out of California "Rage Against The Machine".  They have played in front of millions since they made their come back. Ben Samples aka Samples who is the remixer of this track, can Glitch Hop..literally.  He is a member of FRESH2DEATH, who we've introduced in our previous post here.  What we like about this track is that he remixed it to Glitch Hop which sounds outstanding, but still has not lost the original vibe of the song. I went to ...