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New Releases By Techno Duo “DRUNKEN KONG” | Music

2014.05.08 Thu

Japanese techno duo "DRUNKEN KONG" has come up with some new stuff the past few weeks. Please check out their previous article if you haven't had a chance to know about them before. DRUNKEN KONG have been putting out tracks Internationally and here are some of the new ones. "Being Lonely E.P" which was released on 4/18 from Session Trax and they are available exclusively on Beatport.  Every track is very solid and minimal. I love the grinding bass which makes my ...

Japanese Techno Duo “DRUNKEN KONG” Is Hot | Music

2014.01.20 Mon

Although there are stories about clubs getting busted and decreasing young party people in Japan, the one's who create good music are definitely around. Here I would like to introduce the Japanese DJ/Producer duo "DRUNKEN KONG". DJ Singh (Japanese/Indian) & DJ KYOKO are the one's behind the name and they both have been working in the music scene for a while now. I have seen them play a few times now and to be honest, they now how to make ...

Matt Fax Rising In The Club Music Scene | Music

2014.01.16 Thu

Still in the late teens, Matt Fax, a promising up and coming DJ/producer from France is slowly climbing up his way to the forefront of the EDM scene. He first came on to the scene in 2010, producing electro house music before moving toward his current Progressive House and Techno sound. Every track he produces are outstanding and really makes you dance. You will hear more melodies in his track for his house tracks but this one I want to ...

Live Broadcasting DJ Set from Ukraine “Radio Intense” | Music

2013.11.19 Tue

Eastern European club music scene has always been evolving and has no sign to stop. We are now able to enjoy performances by top DJs from Ukraine in live broadcast through "Radio Intense". DJs such as Spartaque and many others play their set periodically from House to Techno so we get to listen to that hottest music from Ukraine right here online. I got to say that the sound is dope as their are so many great DJs and producer ...

Koen Groeneveld & Ahmet Sendil – Turboprop (Christian Cambas Remix) | Music

2012.10.31 Wed

One of the hottest club music movements in the world from Eastern Europe is leading its way in the techno scene. Today, we would like to introduce a remix work by Christian Cambas, a key man of this big movement. The original track "Turboprop" was made by Ahmet Sendil from Istanbul and Koen Groeneveld from Netherlands. Strongly recommended for aggressive techno lovers out there. Get lifted! Christian Cambas official : http://www.christiancambas.com

Must listen “Matan Caspi” | Download

2012.10.19 Fri

We would probably say "Matan Caspi" is one of the best rising DJ/Producers out there in the electronic music scene. Definitely a breakthrough in 2010 and more and more releases topping the charts, you can see how fast he has become one of the top DJ/Producers in the game if you see the list: Little Mountain, Pacha, Global Underground, Baroque, Spinnin' Records, Harem, Enorumous, Tunes, Armada, Unreleased Digital, Ultra, Audio Damage, Haiti Groove, Afterglow, and many more to come. His ...

A.K.O. – Source Code (Dualitik Remix) | Music

2012.10.11 Thu

As we dig further into the new Techno music scene, we bumped into "Dualitik", a Techno Duo based in Barcelona, Spain. Although Diego Varea and Mac Deey are still fairly new to the game, they have releases out from 1605, Sabotage to name a few. This killer track is a remix of "A.K.O - Source Code" by Dualitik, highly recommended for ones who like aggressive stuff. Enjoy.

Afonoso Maia | Music

2012.08.30 Thu

Here's another techno tune we would like to introduce to you. It's Afonso Maia, who is based in Madrid has done a great job on this track which will definitely keep the crowd dancing. As a techno producer, his creative works goes way back from 1996 where he used to produce Electro House and Progressive House. Now he has a number of releases out there in techno from New Republik, 1605, Sabotage, Nuuktal, Butane, Code2, Finetool to ...

Greece Techno Prince “Christian Cambas” | Music

2012.08.28 Tue

If someone asks me "Who would be the hottest DJ/Producers around?", I would probably answer "Christian Cambas" right away. He is based in Athens, Greece and have released music from UMEK's label "1605", who we have already covered in the last article. As you can tell from his music, his productions are top notch. Well, he is one the graduates from the Berklee College of Music located in Boston, where many music related talents would want to attend. This killer track was ...

“UMEK” Has Many Fans Including the President Of the Nation | Music

2012.08.14 Tue

The mountainous country Slovenia located right by the Alps, became one of the leading techno scenes in the world as UMEK, the world's famous techno heavyweight leads its way. UMEK is very famous in his motherland and it is said that even the President of Slovenia visited his studio to have a little chat with him about dance music and DJing.  How amazing is that?! Hard hitting kick drums and ear-piercing hi-hats is his style of music which is very aggressive and ...