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TO DO LIST for Simple Lives | 映像

2013.08.14 Wed

Most of you probably know what a TO DO LIST is and have used it as a guide to remind tasks privately or at work. This TO DO LIST video is for people living in the modern digital world, who wants to seek for real happiness through their everyday lives. Just because it is expressed in a simple but beautiful motion graphic video, we are able to understand very easily the message of what the man behind this concept wants to ...

360° Camera Stand X-Lapse | Tech

2013.08.08 Thu

This 360° camera stand "X-Lapse" can handle not just smart phones but also real cameras for 360° timelapse and panorama shootings.     Sometimes it is important to have tripods or camera stands like X-lapse when you're shooting videos for higher quality clips and the results come out really professional just having these stabilizations methods. Since it is physically small, you can take it to your next trip for the kodak moment of your best landscape shot or put it in the middle ...

The DMC legends teams up | Video

2013.08.06 Tue

Adidas launched this new campaign for their "Unite All Originals" with hiphop legend "RUN DMC" and world's extraordinaire turntablist "A-Trak" and came up with this fresh music video and a new track. This interactive campaign can be viewed on adidas' "Unite All Originals" website and you can play the enjoy this music video while interacting with it. The music video itself is super dope so check it out. http://www.adidas.com/jp/apps/unite/ Behind the scenes right here.

Super Timelapse “Berlin Hyper-Lapse” | Video

2012.10.05 Fri

This hyper-lapse video is nothing close to the traditional time-lapse videos out there. We find it very "futuristic" as it takes you to a little journey to the "City of Creativity", Berlin using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo technique to make it even more colorful compared to ordinary timelapse videos. Most timelapse videos tend to be gradual and slow moving due to the shooting methods, but Berlin Hyper-Lapse changes perspectives rapidly which gives more energy into the work. This super ...

Music produced by Movements | Video

2012.08.02 Thu

Energy drinks are getting more familiar to us these days and we find it as some sort of fashion. "V" is a energy drink out of New Zealand produced by "Frucor" who came up this interactive visual project, which is a new kind of music video by using the sensors of the Kinect. The fantastic visual project started off by combining the collective talents of musicians, dancers, programmers, designers and animators. As they say, this project is just a beginning and we ...

Dubstep Synced Short Animation | Video

2012.07.15 Sun

Have you heard of Jason Giles, a 3D artist based in Colorado?  His works are incredible.  Let's take a look at it. This short animation video is basically an audio synced video which movements of the 4 robots are reacted to the music as flashes and lightings.  The making video is available at Fluxel Media's website so peep it if you're interested. This video is simply a one camera view footage but this 3D animation is very high quality  and its fun ...