The Future Of Water Sports Is “Hoverboard” | Video

2014.06.14 Sat

Some of you might be skeptical about this new hoverboard article because of the hoverboard hoax that rumored around in March, this time it seems legit. These Hoverboards and Flyboards are new water sport equipments that looks pretty exciting to me.

It is almost like Jetlev but there are so many moves you can enjoy if you look at the video. Hoverboard is like wake boarding but without the boat. You can also sit on the boat and fly high in the air. Flyboard is an equipment you wear it on your feet which jets you up in the air and you can even dive into the water. How amazing is that?

Hoverboard1 Flyboard1 Hoverboard6

The man behind these future boards is Franky Zapata of Rocky Mountain Flyboard, the guy who distributes Flyboards in the U.S. You may want to contact him if you want something exciting at your resort.

Hoverboard2 Hoverboard3 Hoverboard5

If you’re down in Mexico, check out AquAXtreme for Flyboards rentals in Cancun. Please let me know how it is if you get to experience them down there.

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