The History and Future of Everything | Video

2013.12.28 Sat

3 more days to go until the end of 2013 and the time of speed is unbelievably fast. The world is literally speeding up as well and we get overwhelmed by the amount of information we get through our daily lives, which then makes us lose a sense of which time period we live in.

This infographic motion graphics video explains the history and future of time in a smart way. We tend to think that internet has been there for so long but if you compare the times without it, you’ll see that we are still in the beginning of the internet era and there will probably be more and more to come in the future. It is almost impossible to imagine how the future will be with the growing technology of the internet and the surroundings. Great video.

Time_1 Time_3 Time_4 Time_2 Time_5 Time_6

Daisuke Inoue
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