The Music Of Tomorrow “SOULECTION” | Music

2014.08.18 Mon

It just hit me. That simple. The phrase “music of tomorrow” is the exact sentence that describes this new label established by 2 music lovers Joe Kay and Andre Power, based in LA. Every selected artist and music are carefully crafted and there’s this laid-back feel of the westcoast. future hiphop you may call but I say it’s more than that.

This whole movement “Soulection” has already become quite big in the niche underground scene. Expanding to many areas around the globe, including Japan where they made their first visit last spring. Japanese artist “starRo” joined the crew and his sound is also unique as the others. You might want to follow the Soulection soundcloud for updates. Here are some of my recent favourites.

Just came out a few days ago. Little Simz. Great vibes.

Iman Omari is one of my favorites.

Japanese artist, starRo doing his thing.

Esta. was the reason why I got to know Soulection. Genius.

A collaboration with Boiler Room.

Red Bull Music Academy is another collaborator.

Another uniqueness about this label is the non-profit Visual Vibez, which was founded and run by Montalis Anglade “Monty” (Director of Tech). This organisation is supported by volunteers, impacting communities through art, music, collaborating and spreading love. When you purchase a song or contribute, 100% of the proceeds will go towards training and placing musicians into public schools, children’s hospitals and other settings where music can reach, teach, and heal. Great way to contribute to communities.

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