THE NORTH FACE “Camp Takes U” | Video

2013.08.04 Sun

Here is a 14 minute documentary film by the outdoor brand THE NORTH FACE.

So what makes camping so special? To make it simple, it is an opportunity to escape to the wilderness, to forget about the everyday life, the surroundings that makes everyone stressed out in a busy society. It is also a very good way to spend some time with your family or friends.

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Professional skier Yuichiro Miura who successfully climbed Mount Everest at 80 years old earlier this year, talks about his lifetime experience with camping. From Childhood in Japan to the highest mountains in the world. Then we meet Setsumasa Kobayashi who has taken his passion for camping deep into the mountains of Nagano, the director of the “……. Research” brand, he and his wife camp out for nearly half of every week. Stylist Ryoji Homma interviews both of these THE NORTH FACE gear users about the joys of camping and outdoor life. Inspired by the dialogue, Ryoji heads towards the beach to camp and surf on Japan’s east coast….. Glimpse the charm of the new camp, in this must-see culture-documentary of the summer camp season.

FEATURING:Yuichiro Miura(Professional skier)
Setsumasa Kobayashi(…….REASERCH Director)
Muneo Inayagi(Surf Sommelier)

INTERVIEWER:Ryoji Homma(Stylist)

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