The One & Only Dubai Skydiving Championship | Places

2013.12.23 Mon

It is undeniable that Dubai is the one and only city in the world with such amazing things squeezed into one place. This 4K video of the 2012 World Parachuting Championship is just mind blowing, overlooking the beautiful city from up above the skyscrapers and the oasis in the desert. It will be just as exciting like Dubai beginners for those of you who have already been there.

The world’s tallest 5 star luxury hotel “The Burj Al Arab”, the only artificial island that can be observed from the space satellite “The Palm Islands”, the 22,500 square meters sized indoor ski area “Ski Dubai” and many others are condensed into a 10 minute long video.

SkydiveDubai_1 SkydiveDubai_5 SkydiveDubai_4 SkydiveDubai_3 SkydiveDubai_2

Don’t forget to check out the Skydive Dubai as well.

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