The Razor Light Powered Dance Floor At Qlimax 2014 is Unbelievable | Video

2015.02.13 Fri

The dance music scene is still evolving, whether you like or not. This is a fact. It has become so popular now that there are many huge dance music festivals around the world, sometimes tickets sold over 6 digits.

Qlimax2014_Festival1 Qlimax2014_Festival2

Here is a short footage of “Qlimax 2014”, one of the biggest indoor dance music festivals in Europe, on a par with Sensations was held in Arnhem, Netherlands. Netherlands, the holy land of dance music hosts this hard techno rave every November and the latest was unbelievable. The whole venue is like a spaceship (or whatever you call it) full of young man and female dancing under the programmed razor beams, lights and fireworks. I mean this is already beyond what most of us can imagine from a typical rave.

Qlimax2014_Festival3 Qlimax2014_Festival4

It is said that festivals have been out there from the ancient days (imagine people dancing around bonfire) and have never stopped evolving ever since. No explanation needed but yes, this is the modern festival with no doubt.


A new experience of music and lightning. I wonder where this is heading to.

Noisecontrollers on the deck.


Headhunterz here.

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