The Spirit of Bengal | Video

2013.09.01 Sun

Many of you may have watched the tragic accident on news which happened few months ago in Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapsed factory building which caused victims more than 1000 people which was one of the worst accidents in human history. This country is known as the “poorest country in the world” but most of us really don’t know what Bangladesh is all about.


To start it off, these are my quick thoughts and impressions that I felt during the stay in Bangladesh.

- Most people are living in a very poor economical status. US$100 – $300/month would be fairly good for a normal household.
- Very poor sanitation. Need to take good care of water.
- People flooded everywhere! 7th larger population in the world (over 150 million) which is even larger than Japan.
- Heavy traffic everywhere. No driving rules what so ever.
- Unstable government. Anti-government protests were active almost every day.

These are just a few things but I have to admit that they are not in a good condition, I have to say.


Although I have seen such negativities in this country, the hidden treasure lies in humans.
Human nature is what I see in the people of the Bengals, especially in the countryside.

Here’s an example of an experience I had during a home stay at a ordinary household in the countryside.
The host family treated me with some tasty curry and while I was enjoying the meal, I realized that they have served me
with brand new cooked rice but the hosts were eating the left overs from lunch and some extra seafood from the market which they don’t usually have because they are a bit pricy.


From what I have mentioned above, I wonder why they would bother do such things even they are said to be the “poorest country in the world”? For whatever reason it is, I definitely saw the spirit of “Omotenashi”, a Japanese word of treat. Also, I heard many stories about local friends frequently invites you to come over for dinner once you get close to them.


This proofs that you don’t really have to be economically rich in order to be nice to your people and even strangers. Many things to be learned in this landwell at least I did.

Daisuke Inoue
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