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2012.06.29 Fri

“Roppongi Art Night 2012″ was an art festival held at Roppongi Midtown on March 24th which gathered many art lovers on Saturday night. Many people were looking forward to this event since it was cancelled last year due to the earthquake that hit northern Japan.

The opening act performer Saori Kanda (SAORI’An/Live Painting Performer) appeared on stage where the performance was held in the atrium of Midtown Roppongi. The big white canvas stood steadily while she started painting slowly moving with the music.

This performance was a live painting show where she was asked to complete an artwork within 30 minutes. All eyes were on every movement she made. No one could have imagined how strongly she can express her intuitive moves from her slim appearance.

It was just like watching a girl playing around with paint everywhere on the stage. She would use any means, fingertips, hands, brushes, and rollers, painting the canvas freely following her imagination. It doesn’t look like she’s calculating where to paint or to color, It is more like improvisation. The canvas reflected every emotion and energy flowing out from her and yes, this is Saori Kanda’s world.

Time flew by and the 30 minute show ended with her deep bow. It was so impressive how the people stood still for awhile watching the painting after she left the stage. It seemed like they were feeling something out of the painting.and that was actually the moment when I sensed the beauty of art.

This video is a snippet of the 30 minute live performance. If you’re interested in seeing her perform live, you will be able to check her out on July 15th (Sun) at JZ-Brat Shibuya which is a 10th anniversary event for her.


Planned, Editted & Directed by IICHIRO YOSHIZAWA
Director of Photography : NOBUHIKO OHTSUKI
Soundtrack : DAISUKE INOUE


PHOTO: tsutom tanaka
TOP PHOTO: yusuke sato

2012 7/15 Sun.
SAORI’An 10th Anniversary Party
[ Reunion Universe ]

@JZ Brat Sound Of Tokyo(Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotelー2F)

Open 21:00 Close 5:00
¥3,000 / DOOR¥3,500(Standing & Nonreserved Seats、add. drink fee required)

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