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2014.08.05 Tue

The World Cup Is Over, Soccer Is Not. Nike Launched a new Football App for iOS and Android named “Nike Football App”. So what’s so special about it? It’s basically a hub of all things of Nike Football. Let’s look briefly look into it.

・Communication tool with your football mates where you can talk football 24/7
・News Feeds from Nike Football
・Exclusive access to trials


It might be a bit hard to find the value in this app especially if you’re not into football (or soccer) but it is surely a great tool for ones who is in the football community or who wants to join. Let’s get into more detail of each functions.

Communication tool with your football mates where you can talk football 24/7
Football is no fun without any company. So that’s when this app comes into play. Create your own profile, start a crew (it’s a thread), talk football with your football mates anytime. You can arrange a match on the app by inviting friends, locate a pitch and set a time. Oh one other thing, now if you have a place to trash talk in your pocket. You even have Emoji’s to make your conversation even more fun.

chat_large play_large

News Feeds from Nike Football
Here you get exclusive content feeds from Nike Football. There are not much contents yet as the app is fairly new but we can expect more contents from Nike in the future. Also, you’ll be the first to know about Nike’s newest products here and even make purchases from here. It somewhat different from a traditional advertisement so it will remove that “hesitation” you once had in front of ads.


Exclusive access to trials
I don’t see any information on the app about trials yet but you’ll probably see one once the season comes. You get your tickets into exclusive trials for the Nike Academy and more.


Great marketing tool for Nike but a useful tool for all footballers out there.

Download the free app here.





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