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2014.06.05 Thu

I was totally blown away when I saw this gadget. This waterproofed watch and app for surfers will most likely change how surfers interactive with the ocean. It was co-developed by surf brand “Rip Curl” and Australian digital agency “VML” and the it’s called “Rip Curl SearchGPS“.


Let’s see how it works.

SearchGPS has GPS and accelerometer built in and it records your speed, distance and number of waves you rode.

RipCurl_SearchGPS03 RipCurl_SearchGPS04

Later on you can sync the data to your iPhone, tablet, or PC by using the app and check your performances visually. It is almost like a surfer version of Nike+ Fuelband SE, Fibit or any other similar devices. Additionally it also records paddled distance, surfing time, condition of waves and you can type in personal logs, type of board you rode, or save a picture in your account.



Actually there’s another side to this whole system and it is surfer’s online community which functions like a surfer’s digital eco-system. What you can do is follow pro surfers, follow your surfer friends and share your stats. You can even make your own local surf club and compete rankings by performance stats so it’s a whole new experience for surfers. The accuracy of the data will be accumulated and improved as all the surfers continue to upload their stats so you get to find the best riding spots much easier and faster.

RipCurl_SearchGPS02 RipCurl_SearchGPS05 RipCurl_SearchGPS06 RipCurl_SearchGPS07 RipCurl_SearchGPS08 RipCurl_SearchGPS09

This gadget is strongly recommended for surfers who want to improve their skills efficiently. You can download the app from here.


The product has started shipping globally but still not available in Japan.  You can sign up here and get a notification if you don’t want to miss it.

Oh one more thing, great promotion for Rip Curl. People will promote the brand for free as they share their stats on social media. Truly an awesome ideabig ups to the team.


”Brings Surfing Into The Connected Age”



“Build Your Ranking and Compare With Others. Surfing Just Got Personal”


The making of the Rip Curl SearchGPS

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