“Tsukiyoimatsuri” Full Moon Party@Yoron Island

2013.09.19 Thu

Have you ever heard of Yoron Island, the island located in the southernmost of the Amami Islands in Japan? It is close to Okinawa main island and the island is surrounded by reef.

Saori Kanda, a live painting artist from Japan (previous interview here) will be organizing a full moon party at this beautiful island and I feel that this is going to be special one.


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Everything started from a person who she met in India who strongly recommended to visit Yoron Island. She fell deeply in love with Yoron Island soon after she stepped into this small island and instantly decided to organize a full moon party with the Yoron Island tourist organization, a festival of music and art. The party is on Oct. 19th (Sat.) so you should be able to enjoy the beaches as well as the beautiful clear water, a final call for your late summer vacation is here waiting for you.


There has been an important annoucement by Saori Kanda regarding this “Tsukiyoimatsuri” on Oct. 19 (Sat).

Oct. 19th 2013(Sat. ) Full Moon 6pm~

Yoron Island, Chabana Beach Stage

The timetable and performance schedules have been changed due to Typhoon #24 that struck Yoron Island few days ago.  


【1st Stage】6pm〜 Bonfire and Unplugged Performances at Chanba Beach
【2nd Stage】9pm〜DJ & Live at “Kariyushi” Folk Bar


Please check out Saori Kanda’s blog post for further information about the changes that have been made for the event.


Entry Fees are FREE


Makiko Miyara(Vo.), Masanori Narikawa(Gtr), Kariyushi Band

Saori Kanda


Fire Dance
Yoitsuki-Sui Runa-

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 9.52.25 PM

◆Please contact Yoronjima Tourist Organization for accommodations and transportation


Congratulations to Saori Kanda as she got recently awarded as bronze prize for 2013 NISSAN x SAORI KANDA CALENDAR by IAAA.


▼NISSAN × SAORI KANDA Making Photos▼

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