“Turntable Rider” For All Music & Bicycle Lovers | Video

2012.08.20 Mon

Bicycle sharing service “COGOO” came up with this brilliant idea “Turntable Rider” to spread the joy of bicycles.

The bicycle serves as a turntable where you can play around with scratches like DJ’s. Music starts playing when the wheels starts spinning, brakes and handles are triggers for assigned sounds like ordinary samplers.

In this video, a BMX pro rider is using “Turntable Rider” and it makes them possible to trigger sounds by doing tricks on their bikes. It synchronizes perfectly with the amazing moves which is a very innovative way to express BMX & Music all in one.

So where do we find this product?
They will sell it as a product if they can gain 5,900 likes on their facebook so don’t hesitate to “like” it if you really want it.

TURNTABLE RIDER official:http://cogoo.jp/turntablerider/
COGOO official : http://cogoo.jp

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