UK Apparel Brand ASOS Launches Interactive Music Video | Video

2014.11.08 Sat

I like ASOS is doing again with the videos. One of the pioneers in the fashion industry to utilise video marketing has come up with something exciting here. The UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer with over 60,000 and own label products across womenswear and menswear is doing pretty good to stand out from the rest of the competitors, as online fashion retailing is getting more and more hot these days.

Interactive is the key now and they have again come up with a creative interactive music video which enables viewers to click on to the screen and change colours and watch different version of the video.

ASOS Interactive Music Video6 ASOS Interactive Music Video5 ASOS Interactive Music Video4 ASOS Interactive Music Video3 ASOS Interactive Music Video2

I think ASOS is in a good position as they have been putting up videos for quite a time now and they will surely benefit from it as they expand globally.

Orders from Japan are accepted and shipping fees are free from orders above £15 but it will take you around 14 days for shipping. If you want it faster, an extra £20 will make it express, which shortens the shipping down to 4 days.

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