“UMEK” Has Many Fans Including the President Of the Nation | Music

2012.08.14 Tue

The mountainous country Slovenia located right by the Alps, became one of the leading techno scenes in the world as UMEK, the world’s famous techno heavyweight leads its way.

UMEK is very famous in his motherland and it is said that even the President of Slovenia visited his studio to have a little chat with him about dance music and DJing.  How amazing is that?!

Hard hitting kick drums and ear-piercing hi-hats is his style of music which is very aggressive and uplifting compared to traditional techno music.
This video is a live set in Slovenia from last year where you can enjoy his full 60 minute set.

We are very excited for this techno scene as they keep on producing a lot of quality music and we will be focusing more on their new techno from Slovenia to central and western European areas.  Enjoy the ride my friends.

UMEK Official Website:http://www.umek.si/en/

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