Who Said Print Is Dead?! | Video

2014.08.03 Sun

They say print is out of date in this digital era and all the data in your hands should tell something similar to that. Well, “Mas Por Mas” a Mexican magazine proofed print isn’t dead yet. How did they do proof that? Let’s go inside the “toilet”.

PaperTowelDispensary_2 PaperTowelDispensary_1

Electric hand driers are common in Japan but there are other countries where they use paper towels to dry their hands. Mas Por Mas used that paper towel dispenser to deliver their recent news on that white piece of paper. Now that is pretty smart because it is so unusual to have something printed on paper towels and you’ll probably see it for a few seconds to figure out what’s printed on the paper. This “Paper Towel Dispenser News” project boosted the traffic up to 37% within 2 weeks via QR codes. Genius.


These rigged paper towel dispensary had built-in WiFi printers and they were placed in corporations, shopping malls, theaters in the Mexico City. It is similar to the idea “Shitter” we had a few years ago which printed tweets on toilet papers.


Daisuke Inoue
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