World’s Best Basketball Freestyle Dunk “Lord Of Gravity” | Video

2014.12.13 Sat

I’m not sure categorising this as basketball but yes, they are a team of basketball freestylers “Lord Of Gravity” with a extraordinary dunk skills. They use trampolines to take huge leaps towards the hoop and do creative moves up in the air.

LordOfGravity1 LordOfGravity4

They are a different team from “FaceTeam” which I have posted a while ago, although they do pretty much the same thing. Yet, they are super good so its worthwhile to take a look at the video and watch how they perform in front of people.

LordOfGravity3 LordOfGravity2

The video was shot in 4K but I definitely feel this is something for live. The video itself is still very attracting and well-made but nothing virtual can exceed the live experience.

Their show is really exciting to watch, no matter what age you are. A very good fit for a halftime show. Well, I guess they already do perform on such shows.

Behind the scenes also available.

Just for your info, this trampolines are used in this show. Eurotramp.

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