World’s Biggest EDM Festival “Tomorrowland” Announces Surprising Lineup | Video

2015.01.28 Wed

The Belgian EDM festival “Tomorrowland 2015” has recently announced ticket sales and artist lineup information.

Start Ticket Sale
• Global Journey Ticket Sale: Saturday 24 January 2015 at 5PM (CET)/ Jan 25 1AM (JST)
• WorldWide Ticket Sale: Saturday 7 February 2015 at 5PM (CET) / Feb 8 1AM (JST)

It is rumoured that the total 360,000 tickets from 2014 were sold out after a few hours of ticket sales.

A Surprisingly Unique Artist Collaboration Announced

For those of you who have been following the Tomorrowland movement, it might sound really surprising to hear the name “Symphony of Unity”, aka “The National Orchestra of Belgium”, the most prestigious orchestra from Belgium will be playing along with an EDM DJ performance.

It is quite an interesting move by the organiser, ID&T where every performance was based electronic music until last year. I can easily imagine the combination of electronic sound and raw orchestral sound would be a great experience for the EDM fans as it is quite an unusual experience for anyone and nothing can beat the raw sound of the instruments. One other thing is that Europe has always been the home of classic music from way back and still the greatest continent to appreciate that culture. It would definitely be a big experiment for the EDM people.

I find this collaboration very interesting because EDM festivals could become the hub of the best of 2 worlds, Classic music and Electronic music. Some EDM fans could find classic music fresh or interesting via EDM or vice versa.

Personally I do not have a big interest in EDM (Don’t get me wrong, I do listen to a lot of electronic dance music) as a whole but I decided to cover this topic as I have been featuring topics that have the potentials to rewrite the history or become the pioneer.

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