World’s First Smart Carry-On Suitcase “Bluesmart” Will Change Your Trip | Technology

2014.10.25 Sat

So now we have a suitcase with IT technology integrated. The one of a kind smart suitcase “Bluesmart” is currently seeking funding via indiegogo campaign but it has already reached it’s goal but the funding doesn’t seem to stop at all.

Main Features:
・Automatic digitally controlled lock when separated from owner
・Built-in weight scale
・Location tracking
・Battery charger(2 devices at the same time, recharge your smartphone six times over)




20140930132237-08 20140925150819-06Helps travellers travel much smarter with this technology based suitcase, especially for you jetsetters. It also automatically locks when separated from the owner and sends notifications if anyone tries to open it.

Features a compartment specifically designed to hold and protect laptops and tablets which is very handy to access to electronic devices. Much easier to getting through security checks.

They are looking at the future as well. They are planing to release a smart watch app so you can control your suitcase right from your wrist.


If you want once of these, you can start funding this project starting $235 USD. It is very obvious that many people are anticipating this product as $400,000 USD is already funded with still 32 days to go. The question is what moves would the other suitcase/travel bag brands will take until the estimated delivery Aug. 2015.


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