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2014.11.06 Thu

Being original is pretty much what everyone faces at some point of their lives. If you’re a music producer, you will most likely be thinking how you can layer the sounds and make it original and feel good.

The one and only Yosi Horikawa is the guy from Japan who knows which sound makes us feel good. He might not be really famous in Japan, but he has been to places around the world, performing at Boiler Room, Sonar, etc.


His style is very unique as in how he records stuff off his portable recorder. He basically records anything from the surroundings from nature sound to instruments that you’ve never seen before. House and Techno should be the category he maybe in but it is almost meaningless to categorise him as his music is way more than House and Techno music itself. Take a listen to some of his great music here.

YosiHorikawa3 YosiHorikawa1

Live set at RBMA TOKYO 2014, by Red Bull Music Academy. He’s a graduate of the academy by the way.

One of my favorite music of his off the live set above. Gorgeous track. “Grandpa”

Live set from Boiler Room. This live set is also my favorite. Genious.




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