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2014.01.14 Tue

Some might think that keeping up with fitness gyms are quite difficult time-wise & money-wise. So here’s an alternative to do something close to fitness gym but absolutely free at any time.

First, the good part of this app is that it is multi-lingual, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Over 100 full body workouts inspired by top Nike athletes and designed by NTC Master Trainers with all the research data integrated, this awesome app will promise you an effective and efficient way of daily training anyway you want.

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GET LEAN: High interval cardio drills to slim down

GET TONED: Light weights and intervals to add definition

GET STRONG: Increased weights and reps to build strength

GET FOCUSED: 15-minute workouts to target specific areas

The main menus consists of 3 basic levels, beginner (4-5 workouts a month), intermediate (2-3 workouts a week), and advanced (3-5+ workouts a week) which makes it easier for us to chose the perfect training menu of your own, just like having a personal trainer at a typical fitness gym. Theses numerous personalized training menus are made out of different exercises such as weights, jump ropes and ball exercises which starts from 15 mins. up to 45 mins., adding up to over 100 exercise menus.  Every exercise contains instructions with visuals and videos which makes us easy to focus on our trainings. It is nice to have an option that lets you play your own music from your mobile devices. All the records will be kept inside the app and also they are shareable on social network.

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One other thing that we can not forget is the rewarding feature which helps us keep motivated. All the rewards are locked at first but gets unveiled each time you reach a certain level through your training process which opens the doors to all the exclusive contents from special training courses by personal trainers for celebrities such as world top athletes like Maria Sharapova, Lea Michele from Glee, Rihanna, famous yoga instructors to special recipes like nutrition balanced shakes and salads.

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To rap it up, this app can provide training menus from beginners all the way to experts for both men and female, at your best timing anywhere you want, which helps you keep your training routines even on business trips.




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